The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol Auto-Staking Protocol

ABOUT provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it’s unique SAP protocol. delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, paid every 15 minutes, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your $Reward portfolio in your wallet at a lightning fast pace.



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ʻʻ All holders are rewarded with automatic compound interest which is paid every 15 minutes. ʼʼ

How much can I earn?

At the end of the year and with $1,000 USD of $Reward invested.

You can earn up to
$3,830,454.12 USD
of $Reward at 376109.5 % APY*.

*Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the SAP sustains the rebase interest for 365 days.


How it Works Token

$Reward is the native token which interest rebase rewards are paid. Every token holder automatically receives 0.047% interest every 15 minutes just for holding $Reward tokens in their own wallet!


Cryptos Highest Paying Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol with the greatest fixed APY in the industry of 382,945%. Interest rewards are compounded every 15 minutes for every BSC wallet holding any $Reward tokens.​ Insurance Fund (TRIF)

The TRIF serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and longterm sustainability of the Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.047% rebase rate paid to all $Reward token holders. Treasury

The Treasury provides support to the TRIF in the event of an extreme price drop in the $Reward token. The Treasury also funds investments, new projects and marketing for

The Fire Pit

4% of all $Reward traded are burnt in the Fire Pit. The more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the fire pit to grow in size reducing the circulating supply and keeping the protocol stable. Insurance Fund (TRIF)

How It Works

5% of all trading fees are stored in the Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

Keeps holders safe by:

The Fire Pit

Burns Token Supply to:

How It Works

4% of all $Reward traded are burnt in the Fire Pit. The more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the fire pit to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the protocol stable. Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE)

Every 48 hours our Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) will inject automatic liquidity into the market. On each buy or sell order there is a 4% tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol’s smart contract is the mechanism which smartly takes the 50% of the amount of stored in the wallet, and will automatically buy BNB at the current market price.

The remaining 50% of in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the side of liquidity, therefore giving equal an 50/50 weighting of which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair and raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.


The SALE will do this every 48 hours by adding more and more liquidity to the pool which will allow $Reward token holders to easily sell their tokens at anytime with little to no market slippage. It will also aid in maintaining protocol stability to make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of



17% Slippage

Automatic LP

5% of order fees return to liquidity Insurance Fund

5% of order fees are stored in TRIF


3% of order fees go to the treasury

Fire Pit

4% of is burnt in the fire pit


22% Slippage

Automatic LP

6.7% of order fees return to liquidity Insurance Fund

5% of order fees are stored in TRIF


4.7% of order fees go to the treasury

Fire Pit

5.6% of is burnt in the fire pit

Competitive Advantages





Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users

The Team is comprised of highly esteemed group of 4 blockchain/solidity/dApp/web developers, 2 marketing guru’s, and our CEO. We have many contacts in the cryptosphere allowing us to easily reach influencers and gain an edge vs our competitors. It is also important to note that we will be looking to expand our team size after we have secured successful funding from our upcoming pre-launch which will allow us to rapidly expand the brand.

Yes, our team has already been KYC approved with Pinksale.

Lets look at the project from a fundamental cost perspective: Hypothetically if it was a Rug-Pull, the project would only stand to make 200,000 supply x $15 each token approximately = $3 Million Dollars. Now lets use logical reasoning and compare that with how much revenue the Treasury stands to make from fees; If we use a low example of only 1M volume traded on a daily basis x 4% = $40,000 per day. That is $1.2 Million each month in consistent revenue for the project (and that’s even on an extremely low daily volume example!) plus the liquidity being locked for 13.5 years. It is obviously in the teams best interests to have continue for the longterm. More traders, holders and volume = more revenue and profit for the project and everyone else with a higher token value. $3M once off Rug-Pull vs $14.4M/yr business. Which one would you rather choose?

Our entire protocol’s smart contract was written and developed from scratch from our own competent group of developers. It does not contain any resemblance to Titano’s code or operation as works on a completely new set of mechanics which allows for complete protocol sustainability. We also have several proprietary mechanisms in place that we have created ourselves which offers many improvements over our competition such as; our Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE), the Insurance Fund (TRIF), our Longterm Interest Cycle (LIC), aswell as safeguards in place which secure against malicious hack attempts.’s tokenomics are also completely unique with our Auto-Burn Fire Pit structure, minimal starting supply and lower 15 minute Epoch’s for a much more linear APY progression of attainability.

The protocol has an entirely different more comprehensive mechanism than Titano/Libero or other competitors. Our token supply is far less at only 325,000, auto burn at 2.5%, auto LP every 48 hours and the factor of rebasing at 15min intervals provides a more linear progression of sustainability. Market volume will enter revenue into the Treasury as a 2.5-4.5% tax aswell as enter an additional 5% into the Insurance Fund which more than offsets the daily interest being awarded. APY will be 100% sustained. Basically put, the more that is traded on a daily basis, the bigger the Treasury & TRIF balance grows automatically to aid with longterm sustainability and future growth. We also have a unique and proprietary Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) which automatically injects an additional 4% liquidity every 48 hours automatically to maintain protocol stability and to make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of On top of this we have our proprietary LIC model in place where after the first 12 months the interest rate reduces lower over time allowing for our protocol to be stable.